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Every Fitness Chart has been designed in conjunction with knowledgeable specialists to ensure sound information is presented in a user friendly way.

Pilates Exercise Chair

Abdominal Curl

Abdominal Exercises

Abductor Exercise

Adductor Exercise

Anatomy Of Circulatory System (Major Arteries & Veins)

Anatomy of the Ankle Joint & Foot

Anatomy of the Elbow Joint

Anatomy of the Hip Joint

Anatomy of the Knee Joint

Anatomy of the Shoulder Joint

Anatomy of the Spine Bones & Major Ligaments

Anatomy of the Spine Cord & Major Perpheral Nerves

Ante Natal Exercise

Back Exercise

Back Extension

Back Extension Machine

Bench Press

Calf Raise

Chest & Shoulder Muscles

Chest Exercise


Crunch Abdominal

Deltoid Raise

Elbow Flexors & Forearm Muscles

Exercise And Prevention Of Coronary Heart Disease

Functional Anatomy Of Circulatory System

Guidelines For Monitoring Heart Rate & Exercise

Hack Squat

Hamstring Curl

High Pulley Exercise

Hip Flexion

Inflatable Ball Exercise - Level One

Inflatable Ball Exercise - Level Three

Inflatable Ball Exercise - Level Two

Lat Pull Down

Lats Pull

Leg Muscles

Legs, Trunk, Shoulder & Arm Muscles

Low Pulley Exercise

Major Anterior Posterior Skeleton

Major Heart Disease

Major Posterior Muscle

Muscles At Work

Nutrition For Sports Performance

Post Natal Exercise

Preacher Bicep Curl

Quadriceps-Knee Extension

Seated Bicep Curl

Seated Bicep Press

Seated Leg Press

Seated Leg Press

Seated Rowing

Seated Rowing

Seated Shoulder Press

Seated Shoulder Press

Sectional Anatomy And Function Of Circulatory System

Shoulders, Upper Arm & Upper Back Muscle



Standing Bicep Curl

Standing Bicep Curl

Standing Leg Curl

Strength & Power Training Chart

Stretch For Better Golf

Stretching Exercise For The Trunk & Back

Stretching Exercise For The Upper Limbs

Stretching Exercise With The Ball

Total Hip Machine Exercise

Training For Your Sport

Tricep Extension

Tricep Extension

Triceps & Forearm Muscles

Vertical Rowing

Vertical Rowing

Warm-Up Cool-Down Programme