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REDISCOVER WHAT MATTERS. To you. To the people you serve. For 45 years, we’ve been fiercely committed to real results and meaningful innovations – the proud products of true scientific insight and the tireless pursuit of fitness perfection.

Eagle NX

Eagle NX Abdominal

Eagle NX Arm Curl

Eagle NX Arm Extension

Eagle NX Back Extension

Eagle NX Calf

Eagle NX Chest Press

Eagle NX Glute

Eagle NX Hip Abduction and Adduction

Eagle NX Lat Pulldown

Eagle NX Leg Curl

Eagle NX Leg Extension

Eagle NX Leg Press

Eagle NX Overhead Press

Eagle NX Row

Eagle NX Torso Rotation

Functional Trainers

Bravo Advanced


Hydro Pro Rower

SPARC Trainer


Ion 3-Tier Accessories Rack

Ion 3-Tier Dumbbell Rack

Ion 3-Tier Hex Dumbbell Rack

Ion Abdominal

Ion Abdominal Back Extension

Ion Adjustable Bench

Ion Biceps Curl

Ion Biceps Curl Triceps Extension

Ion Chest Press

Ion Hip Abductor Adductor

Ion Lat Pulldown

Ion Leg Curl

Ion Leg Curl Leg Extension

Ion Leg Extension

Ion Leg Press

Ion Multi Press

Ion Pectoral Fly Rear Deltoid

Ion Seated Leg Curl Leg Extension

Ion Seated Row

Ion Shoulder Press

Ion Triceps Extension

Ion Vertical Dumbbell Rack

R Series

R series Recumbent Bike

R series Total Body Arc Trainer

R series Treadmill

R series Upright Bike

V Series

V series Cross Trainer

V series Recumbent Bike

V series Treadmill

V series Upright Bike