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DO!T (pronounced DOYT) is a Fitness Brand founded in 2015 by a group of entrepreneurs with over 100 years of collective experience in Fitness Industry.\\r\\n\\r\\nFacilities such as Fitness Clubs, Military Camps, Boutique Studios, Gyms, Country Clubs, Hotels and other Recreational outlets have been the core interest of the brand with products developed around the interest of these facilities. With the vast experience in serving varied client profiles and brands, the people behind the brand have developed a deep understanding on real needs when it comes to quality, aesthetics, ergonomics and price. With that, DOIT has placed itself in a niche of being a "Premium Value" brand.


Fortis 700B Upright Bike

Fortis 700BE Upright Bike

Fortis 700R Recumbent Bike

Fortis 700RE Recumbent Bike

Fortis 700T Treadmill

Fortis 700TE Treadmill

Fortis 700X Cross Trainer

Fortis 700XE Cross Trainer

Fortis 700XL Cross Trainer

Fortis 900B Upright Bike

Fortis 900BE Upright Bike

Fortis 900R Recumbent Bike

Fortis 900RE Recumbent Bike

Fortis 900T Treadmill

Fortis 900TC Treadmill

Fortis 900TE Treadmill

Fortis 900TI Treadmill

Fortis 900X Cross Trainer

Fortis 900XE Cross Trainer


Innova Back Extension

Innova Biceps Curl

Innova Chest Press

Innova Chin Dip Assist

Innova Glute Press

Innova Lat Pulldown

Innova Leg Extension

Innova Pec Fly / Rear Deltoid

Innova Seated Leg Curl

Innova Seated Leg Press

Innova Shoulder Press

Innova Smith Machine

Innova Triceps Press

Innova Vertical Row


Runner+ Eco

Runner+ T

Runner+ TE