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2XL is a leading manufacturer of smart, cost-effective disinfecting products for fitness, healthcare, food service, education, manufacturing, other workplace environments, and consumers around the world. 2XL Corporation's passion is rooted in providing smart solutions in any environment where cleaning s important. 2XL is changing the world and will continue to be the leader in cleaning and wellness solutions for customers throughout the world by enabling customers to reduce infections, improve wellness, and save lives.

Disinfectant Wipes / GymWipes

2XL-100 Antibacterial Bucket (2XL-101 Refill)

2XL-400 Antibacterial Force Wipes (2XL-401 Refill)

2XL-406 Force2 Disinfectant Wipes

2XL-421 Mega Roll Bucket (2XL-422 Refill)

2XL-435 Performance Body Cloths (2XL-436 Refill)

Dispenser / Stand

2XL-63 The Stainless Stand with Door

2XL-65 The Stainless Steel Stand

2XL-70 Stainless Steel Wall Dispenser

2XL-73 GymWipes Dispenser

2XL-75 Stainless Stand Defender

2XL-80 Wall Dispenser (Smoke Grey)

2XL-82 Wall Dispenser (White)

2XL-84 The Guardian Stand (Black)

2XL-85 The Guardian Stand (Silver)

Hand Sanitizer

2XL-224 Foaming Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer

2XL-236 Touch-Free Hand Dispenser