Steam and Sauna Room

We design, construct and repair steam and sauna rooms using the best materials, stoves and accessories from world renown manufacturers.

Instructor training and consultation

Our sister company, Active Lifestyle is the Education Representative of SPINNING in Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam and China. We train and certify instructors that are recognized internationally. In collaboration with Functional Training Institute and the ITE West (Institute of Technical Education, Singapore), we conduct fitness instructor training courses for personal training, Rip60, RapidFit, Human Sports and other group functional exercises. Consultation service on gym operation and management by industry experts is also available by request.[ Read More... ]


In partnership with Insulglas, we offer professional flooring solutions for gyms and sports halls. Some of our clients include Singapore Sports School, Anglo Chinese Junior College etc. [ Read More... ]

Equipment Maintenance Service, Refurbishment and Re-location

Upfront payment for equipment purchase is a one-time 'cost of acquisition'. The 'cost of ownership' after purchase is however, often overlooked. We provide regular maintenance professional maintenance service for your equipment to ensure their long-term reliability and safety. Such proper maintenance will reduce undue wear and tear which increases cost of parts replacement and at the same time compromises safety of use. Our other services include re-upholstery, de-rusting, baked powder painting, chroming and re-locating of equipment. [ Read More... ]

Functional Circuit Training

We carry a wide range of brands, each with their uniquely best-in-class products which allow us the flexibility to customise and create the perfect circuit for any gym of any size. We ensure your circuit yields nothing but the best when training on it. [ Read More... ]

Gym Concept, Design and Equipment Layout Plans

Our gym layout plans and designs in 2-D and 3-D formats will allow you to envisage hotw your gym will look based on real needs and concept. The wide range of 'Best-In-Kind' products we distribute assures of a one-stop total solution.