XFW-7900 Power Rack with Plate Holders

23 available adjustment points at 3” increments with fully adjustable bar catches and catch rails and integrated pull-up station.

Outdoor Workout!

Our company offers a variety of outdoor gym equipment for any venue under the sun. Check out our brands in this article:[ Read More... ]

E520 Fluid Rower

Industry-best on-water rowing emulation with natural catch, feel and adjustable resistance from feather light to Olympic rowing; these commercial grade machines will suit all needs and aspirations of your club members whilst providing an innovative, reliable and virtually maintenance free addition to your gym floor.

Street barbell MB 7.41 Combo Lift

This is the new MB Barbell outdoor fitness equipment, with parameters closest to the professional gym equipment. During their design there was an approach to involve in exercising process all muscle groups for harmonious development.

SP-6200 Rotary Shoulder Press

Rotary motion of unilateral press arms follows the natural trajectory of the upper body while allowing for full articulation of the shoulder joint. Contoured back pad angled 100º for proper ergonomic function and user comfort.

One Biceps Curl

Nautilus One equipment combines revolutionary weight stack technology and the most intuitive and user-friendly selection method ever created: a dial

Street barbell MB 7.30.3 Chest Press

The equipment is designed to develop middle portions of the deltoid muscles, as well as the upper parts of the trapezius muscles and triceps.

F207 EPIC Dip / Chin / Ab

Handles are curved to allow multiple grips for various chin-up exercises. Angled to ensure proper form, armrests are padded for comfort. Grip texture helps to ensure stable foot positioning.

FS-22 Low Back / Abdominal Bench

Unique easy to adjust design accommodates both back extension and abdominal crunch exercises.

Fitlight Waist Clip

Waist clips can be used with belts or Velcro straps as shown. These can be used to fasten the lights on posts or around punching bags or around an individual’s waist.

The lights are attached to the waist clips.*
(*Belts and Velcro straps not supplied)

Standing Leg Curl

This chart shows how to do the exercise as well as illustrating the major muscle groups that work during the Standing Leg Curl exercise. Instructional information is provided at each phase of the exercise to ensure that the exercise is done properly and safely.

XFW-5500 Lever Row

Heavy duty construction features swivel plate holder assembly with 8-45 lb. plate capacity and both wide and narrow handgrips.

Recumbent Bike 2

Series 2 comes complete with a 10.1” console providing sustainable self-powered wire free entertainment and motivational workout programs.

20 Feet Container - Multiuse

2XL-70 Stainless Steel Wall Dispenser

Stainless Steel Wall Mount Dispenser for high-traffic facilities that demand greater capacity and exceptional value without sacrificing style. These units are easy to install and great for areas where workout space is at a higher volume.

Impact Chest Press

Adjust the seat height position so your arm is horizontal with the floor, and in the correct pressing position when grasping the handles. To adjust the starting position, grasp the red knob located on the movement arm to the right. Push, or pull to position both the handles in the desired starting position

Ruben Sky LED

Spread a meditative, starlit mood in your sauna with our starry sky LED lighting. Choose between different colours for special occasions and to match the interior of the steam room. Available in several sizes, our LED kits come with 20, 30, 40 or 60 crystals and 210mm connection lead.

Sun S Palace

Every Pure Infra cabin model includes a speakerless, touchscreen-operated sound system that provides crystal clear pleasure from your favorite MP3’s or the radio. Pure Infra cabins include trimodal lighting systems, with soft valance lighting, ceiling reading lights and colour light therapy.

F303 Lat Pull Down

he FreeMotion Plate Loaded Lat Pull Down strengthens and isolates
the back muscles to build core strength and reduce risk of injury.
The padded seat adjusts to accommodate a variety of different user heights and the high-density foam roll thigh pad comfortably stabilizes your legs throughout each set.

HumanSport Arm Crunch

This unique piece of equipment allows you to work your abs in either a seated or standing position, as well as several options to include your oblique’s.

TR5000-DT3 Under Desk Treadmill

This is our high-use treadmill base and console. The treadmill base fits perfectly under most standing desks making it easy to transition your standing desk into a walking desk. The small, contemporary designed console is the perfect size to discretely sit on your desk so it will not get in the way of your work.

IVE™ Shoulder Press