Senso Balance Hedgehog

The variety of geometric shapes and bright colours is perfect for balance trails and to increase body awareness or coordination.

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Anatomy of the Spine Bones & Major Ligaments

This Chart shows the major anatomical structures of the spine : including bones, ligaments, tendons and muscles. The spine is a complex series of interlinked bones supported by a combination of ligaments and muscles.

Seated Bicep Curl

This chart shows how to do the exercise as well as illustrating the major muscle groups that work during the Seated Biceps Curl exercise. Instructional information is given with each exercise position reinforcing how to do the exercise properly and safely.

DynaBells 5-Tier Single Rack

DynaBell rack was designed to accommodate a single her of dual set of DynaBell in any sizes 10lbs-50lbs in a sleek, space efficient, and easy to store system.

IVE™ Triceps

Street barbell MB 7.43.3 Triceps

The equipment is designed to develop shoulder triceps. Vertical hand position helps the long triceps parts reduction and to include it into the work.

FS-61 Leg Curl

5 position back pad and 6 position thigh pad to accommodate a wide range of users. Self aligning ankle pad eliminates adjustment while providing proper support throughout the entire range of motion.

Upright Bike 1

Sustainable and self-powered with an integrated 7” motivational display screen - Series 1 products eliminate power offering you, the operator, significant savings on energy and infrastructure costs.

FW-1300 Rotary Row

Each Paramount plate loaded machine is engineered to function smoothly under the heavy use of today's busy fitness centers. Features include biomechanically precise movements including Paramount's exclusive Advanced Rotary Technology, low profile space efficient footprints, and optional plate storage.

V series Recumbent Bike

The Cybex V Series Recumbent Bike has a sleek walkthrough design with D-loop handles that makes getting on and off easy for any exerciser. It also has a high-back seat for comfort.

XL2-1800 Horizontal Leg Curl

Roller pad adjusts to five positions to accommodate a wide range of users. Chest and thigh pads angled at 15º for proper alignment during exercise movement. Heavy-duty pivot arm assembly with sealed bearings located for easy entry-exit of machine.

Cable Crossover

Bringing the Cable Cross Over up a class and into the next century with features such as the stabilization handles, and integrated pull up station and that patented Lock N Load system. Users will enjoy exceptional functionality and a productive efficient workout.

Inspiration Shoulder Press

Adjust the seat height position by grasping the red adjustment bar located at the seat base to set the handles at your shoulder level. Select a comfortable hand position on one of the two handle grip positions.

Fitlight Charger Case

This charges up to 12 or 24 FITLIGHTS™ simultaneously.

The features include custom foam inserts to hold and charge the FITLIGHTS™, and to also store the Tablet Controller.

The dimensions and weight of the case allow for easy transportation.

Hydro Pro Rower

The Cybex Hydro Rower Pro drives results with a low-impact, total-body workout.
• Superior Design
• Fluid water technology
• Console to track your workout details
• Compact and easy to move

Himalaya Bath Stove

The Himalaya conceals a water container featuring ingenious BWT technology, which humidifies the sauna cabin while the heater is warming the room.

Cross Trainer 3

Designed to push the boundaries of the user’s workout through an operating system that tuned specifically to their needs.


The MoveStrong T-Rex Fitness Station™ is specifically designed to weather tough outdoor conditions and allow for year around functional fitness and bodyweight exercising for adults. Ideal for bootcamps, group training classes, schools, parks, military, or just a cool backyard adult fitness jungle gym!

HSI20 Infrared Sauna

With its ultra low energy consumption yet effective, multi-directional infrared generation, HSI 20 is a perfect environment to soothe alone in generous warmth or share the experience with a friend or family member.

Instinct Vertical Row

Adjust the seat height and place your chest against the pad. To initiate motion pull the handles to your chest and return slowly.

Battle Station

Featuring 5 Competition Modes, the Battle Station allows for a fun and interactive workout with an easy to see time and score display.