T60 Treadmill

Our professional model. Includes heart rate control and 26 built-in programs including two Custom Learn programs. All information is displayed on a Profile Matrix LED display console. 19.5”x60” running area.

The Official Training Bike of Le Tour De France

Ride like the pros as you get the outdoor experience on your Tour de France indoor training bike. The versatile indoor bike delivers more options for a greater benchmark performance than your traditional indoor training bike. With 24 digital gear controls it gives you the ability to personalize any workout.
Ride over the Passage du Gois or climb the hills of Mont des Alouettes in France, as now you can experience these same trails and more on this Indoor Cycle. With iFit® you can ride where the pros do with the world at your fingertips. The world is at your fingertips, start your adventures today.

For more information, please go to the following link:
http://reflex-o.com.sg/brands/Freemotion[ Read More... ]

E316 Fluid Rower

Industry-best on-water rowing emulation with natural catch, feel and adjustable resistance from feather light to Olympic rowing; these commercial grade machines will suit all needs and aspirations of your club members whilst providing an innovative, reliable and virtually maintenance free addition to your gym floor.


An extra effective descaling agent for professional use only in public facilities. Sold in a 5-kilo pack.

Triceps Press

With the handlebars at your rib level and your feet under the pads push the handlebars straight down and return slowly.

Steam shower Impression i130

Tylö Impression i130 is remarkable for more than its ingenious compact design. Our Swedish designers set themselves the task of combining practical everyday functions with an elegant setting where you can relax and pamper yourself in style.

Box Master

Developed in Australia, this special kickboxing equipment that can be used for any level of fitness is a combination of heavy bags and focus pads for striking workouts.

Adductor Exercise

The Adductor chart shows how to do the exercise as well as illustrating the major muscle groups that work during the exercise.Three positions are shown from start position to finish position and each has important instructional information to ensure the user is working the adductor muscles properly and exercising safely.

XFW-5700 Seated Calf

Pivoting seat design with 5 position adjustable thigh pad assembly and non-skid footrests.

F608 Hamstring

The FreeMotion Hamstring builds stabilizer muscle strength to protect joints. Targets muscles in the upper leg and glutes to increase strength for activities such as walking or running.

Triceps & Forearm Muscles

This laminated Chart illustrates a series of exercises for the Triceps and forearm muscles. General safety and breathing instructions are given on the chart together with anatomical drawings showing the major muscles that are working during the exercises.

Force Platform FP4 (60x60cm)

FP4 is a square shaped portable force platform designed for jump testing. It comes with the HUR Labs Force Platform Software Suite which features test protocols for the most common jump tests: squat, counter movement and drop jumps.

Human Sport Program

If you wish to know more or to become a master trainer, please contact us

Spring Sauna

SPRING offers an ideal combination of sensibility and modern design. Sleek, light and multi-textured, SPRING materials complement almost any modern decor.

Impact Strength Deltoid Fly

User friendly weight stack selection. 5 lb incremental weight system for optimal progression. Supinated and pronated grip options. Unilateral or bilateral movement. Dual exercise options for range of motion control: Pectoral Fly and Rear Deltoids. Featuring the patented Lock N Load® weight selection system.

F807 EPIC Shoulder

The FreeMotion EPIC Shoulder targets the shoulder and chest muscles. Unilateral arm movement allows the arms to move independently for single or dual upper body activities.

3330 Twist

The twist machine targets all the most important muscles of the trunk. This unit has also become very popular in Rehabilitation and corporate fitness settings.

Steam column tx202/g

Tylö’s tx202/g steam column is a truly flexible solution developed especially to convert a niche into a steam room. We have made a few modifications and added our sleek h1 control panel with touch control so you can easily control settings remotely.

F202 EPIC Olympic Flat Bench

Attached plate racks are positioned near the bar for easy plate loading.

Exercise And Prevention Of Coronary Heart Disease

This chart identifies the risk factors that can cause coronary heart disease and the role of exercise and lifestyle changes needed in reducing these risks. This chart clearly illustrates advice about how exercise can be adopted for a healthier lifestyle.

S-RBx Recumbent Bike with PVS

Integrated with a 15.6" HD Personal Viewing Screen with dedicated intuitively placed channel and volume controls the S-RBx provides a personalized viewing experience.

XL2-1200 Seated Row

One-way ratcheting, 8 position chest pad and 5 position seat angled at 10º designed to accommodate wide range of users with full range of motion. Molded non-skid foot platforms encourage proper body alignment and provide support during exercise.