HSI10 Infrared Sauna

Ideal for those having minimal space available and/or those using their sauna solo, the Model 100 has a footprint of only 9 sq. ft., fitting even into a walk-in closet.

The Official Training Bike of Le Tour De France

Ride like the pros as you get the outdoor experience on your Tour de France indoor training bike. The versatile indoor bike delivers more options for a greater benchmark performance than your traditional indoor training bike. With 24 digital gear controls it gives you the ability to personalize any workout.
Ride over the Passage du Gois or climb the hills of Mont des Alouettes in France, as now you can experience these same trails and more on this Indoor Cycle. With iFit® you can ride where the pros do with the world at your fingertips. The world is at your fingertips, start your adventures today.

For more information, please go to the following link:
http://reflex-o.com.sg/brands/Freemotion[ Read More... ]

FCM9140 Chest Press

With the FCM Easy Access Chest Press unit you can exercise the chest and upper body muscles. Both lever arms move independently. Duplicate Hand Grips allow the exercise to be performed at different grip heights.


This is our very own Singapore brand. Do!t has a wide ranges of Free weights.

Karhu V/VV

There’s something special about a wood-fired sauna, and as we know how to appreciate sauna bathing in all its forms here at Tylö, we have a wide range of wood-fired sauna stoves for you to choose from as well. They all share the same high quality and unique heat-retaining construction that means you can linger a little longer in the sauna.

Rip:60 Club Strap Kit (Commercial)

Rip:60 Club is a commercial grade single-strap suspension trainer with a rotation carriage made from aircraft-quality aluminium. It is suitable for up to 300kg user weight. Watch the Video to see the difference between the home use & Commercial strap.

5 Station

A great option when you want to offer a few seated strength stations but still need the versatility of cable. This station includes our state of the art Cable Cross as well as a Lat Pull Down, Triceps Press, and Low Row all with swivel pulleys.

Major Heart Disease

This colourful laminated chart describes the major causes of coronary heart disease. It illustrates and explains Coronary Artery Disease and Valvular disease as well as giving examples of faulty conductive system of the heart.

XL2-1700 Rotary Torso

Angled hip and thigh pads eliminate low body torque and encourage spinal alignment for proper isolation of the torso area. 11-position easy access adjustment handle allows users to choose the range of motion best suited to their individual needs while in the seated position.

Viking Pro

The Viking PRO achieves a unique synergy of style and strength, using solid timber construction around a central frame of pressure -formed laminate for incredible durability. attention to detail abounds on both form anf function every machine is made with pride and hand finished to perfection.

Seated Shoulder Press

This chart shows how to do the exercise as well as illustrating the major muscle groups that work during the Seated Shoulder Press exercise. Instructional information is given on how to do the exercise properly and safely as well as advice on warming-up before and breathing correctly during the exercise.

SP-5400 Outer Thigh

Contoured back pad angled at 105º provides proper support and alignment during exercise. Weight stack located in front of user for privacy, space efficiency, and ease of weight plate selection.

Triple Dumbbell Rack

Molded urethane cradles for quiet and safe dumbbell placement. Rubber feet for floor protection. 15 pair rack

Dual Leg Press/Calf Raise

Simple, intuitive placard. Removable wear strap for extended upholstery life. Walk-through entry design. Adjustable seat sled with range of motion adjustment. Multi-position foot plate design allows for dual use: Leg Press and Calf Raise. Rubber feet for floor protection.

FS-50 Leg Extension / Seated Leg Curl

5 position back pad and 6 position leg curl thigh pad to accommodate a wide range of users. 5 starting positions for both extensions and curls allow users to choose the range of motion best suited to their individual needs.

Sectional Anatomy And Function Of Circulatory System

This is a full colour laminated chart and illustrates how blood flows throughout the body to and from the heart. It shows the main arteries and veins of the head and neck as well as those supplying the shoulder and thigh and explains how the blood flows to and from these areas of the body.

Megaline SK

For saunas between 18 and 46 cubic metres.The SK heater is an outstanding choice for public saunas, where expectations for a pleasurable sauna experience are high. The heater are freestanding and have a robust design. Set-up is simple with the H2 control panel, which controls the sauna in conjunction with the WE14 relay box.

2XL-65 The Stainless Steel Stand

This stunning all stainless steel stand is one of 2XL's newest solutions for dispensing GymWipes and CareWipes towelettes. A custom design that is 36" tall, 12" in diameter and weighing in at 30 lbs, this unit is built for the demanding environment of any fitness facility.

Seated Leg Press

The seated leg press is used to simulate a squat exercise without the same potential injury risk due to the back being supported. This exercise is considered a very efficient method to work all the major leg muscles.

Bench Press

Molded urethane bar holders for quiet, safe Olympic bar placement. Dual bar holders for both short and tall users. Open frame design for effective and safe spotting. Optional Olympic plate storage add on, features six pegs per side to accommodate all weight plate configurations (Model 440-04071 sold separately).

FCM3315 Abdomen

This FCM unit enables you to isolate the abdominal muscle in a comfortable and effective way. The curved back support allows you to pre-stretch the muscles for a complete and full-length exercise.

Hack Squat

Designed with all users in mind, the oversized foot plate allows several different foot positions for safety and workout variety.