E 8.5 Elliptical Machine

Elliptical trainer offer a non-impact cardiovascular workout that can vary from light to high intensity based on the speed of the exercise and the resistance preference set by the user.

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3180 Curl Up

This unit for exercising the chest and shoulder muscles has a rotational movement pattern to mimic free weights exercises. The height of the seat is adjustable.

FW-100 Leg Extension

Each Paramount plate loaded machine is engineered to function smoothly under the constant heavy use of today's busy fitness centers. Features include biomechanically precise movements including Paramount's exclusive Advanced Rotary Technology, low profile space efficient and optional plate storage.

Hip Flexion

This chart shows how to do the exercise as well as illustrating the major muscle groups that work during the Hip Flexion exercise. This exercise strengthens the Hip flexors and Abdominals as well as the Quadriceps especially when the legs are extended from the knee and held at 90 degrees to the body.

Corner Shower Straight

Our glass shower walls win in terms of both style and function. Large handles add a touch of elegance to the entire design, which also has a smart magnetic strip closing embedded in the aluminium profiles.

Galaxy Aqquabike

Design to facilitate people who are rehabilitating and in parts of a circuit workout

Light unit

Ceramic with frosted bulb glass cover.

FS-20 Flat/Incline/Decline Bench

6 position adjustment from -10 to 80 degrees. Wheels for easy moving.

Recumbent Bike

The recumbent cycle offers the same benefits of the stationary bike, however it provides the user an alternative seating and leg position. The alternative seating position is often preferred by those recovering from back or hip injury.

Smart Aqua Bike

A stationary entry aquatic bike that is recommended for normal to high intensity level cycling.

Apollo Hybrid AR

The moment you use the Apollo Hybrid AR it becomes obvious why this is the perfect machine for you. The strength and integrity with the highest quality, hand-laquered American Ash creates a synthesis of two complimentary materials.

Steam bath Elysée

A luxurious steam room that meets the highest criteria for style and function. Tylö Elysée is the perfect complement to public bathing facilities in hotels, spas and corporate hospitality suites – and a dream come true in most homes.

XFT-700 Zone Functional Trainer

The same training capacity of the XFT-500 but without Center Frame Storage.

Calf Raise

This chart shows how to do the exercise as well as illustrating the major muscle groups that work during the exercise. Warming-up and breathing advice is given, together with instructional information about how to do the exercise properly and safely and this helps to reinforce coaching by the Gym Instructor.

Dyair Wedge Ballkissen

For a strong and healthy back and a stable core. The back is very effectively relieved and becomes incidentally trained. It can help to avoid pain in the intervertebral discs and strengthen the spinal muscles

Elite IBEX RX 2300

Combining 2 machines in 1 for unparalleled workout variety, the Ibex RX2300 takes advantage of both horizontal and vertical configurations for a total body workout.

Karhu V/VV

There’s something special about a wood-fired sauna, and as we know how to appreciate sauna bathing in all its forms here at Tylö, we have a wide range of wood-fired sauna stoves for you to choose from as well. They all share the same high quality and unique heat-retaining construction that means you can linger a little longer in the sauna.

3125 Dip / Shrug

The dual function Dip / Shrug unit provides a targeted training of the biceps and triceps muscle groups. The foot pedal option allows you to change the resistance during the exercise.

SP-6200 Rotary Shoulder Press

Rotary motion of unilateral press arms follows the natural trajectory of the upper body while allowing for full articulation of the shoulder joint. Contoured back pad angled 100º for proper ergonomic function and user comfort.

Nautilus Impact Dip Machine

Adjust the seat height to accommodate desired level of pre-stretch for both your chest and triceps. Rotate the handles in or out for desired handle position. To initiate motion, place your feet under the stabilization roller pad and press downward extending your arms.

Guidelines For Monitoring Heart Rate & Exercise

This chart provides guidelines for monitoring heart rate and exercise. It includes three sections: Section 1 tells you how to monitor your heart rate and shows on a graph the effects of lifestyle on average heart rate values. Section 2 provides a table which shows how the heart rate responds to different intensities of work. Section 3 gives the structure of exercise and training in relation to intensity, duration and frequency to achieve better fitness.