Dynair Ballcushion

it provide an unique opportunity to train both coordination and strength, on one or both legs, at the same time. Both in free-stance stabilization training and in training on devices such as the cable pull or leg press, the Dynair Ballkissen XXL is an excellent choice for improving movement sequences under exertion.

Turning up the heat further

With the acquisition of Helo by Tylö, enjoying the best of steam and sauna experiences is now easier than ever. Pick from Tylö’s catalogue of sophisticated steam cum sauna cabin designs or let Helo’s expertise in customisation bring you the ultimate experience like no other! Be it a high humidity steam room for soft hydrated skin, or hot and dry sauna experience to sweat it all out, with TYLOHELO, it’s nothing but the best.

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MZ3 Physical Activity Belt

The MZ3 is the most relevant and versatile fitness tracker on the market, using Bluetooth, ANT+ and Analog technology to provide real time feedback on heart rate, calories, and effort, to ensure that you get accurate feedback on all your exercise, wherever and however you choose to train.

E3i Cross Trainer

The E3i is a durable piece of workout equipment that takes extra steps to ensure a comfortable and reliable workout experience

Incline Lever Row

The angled Leg Press follows Star Trac's trademark combination of safety and function. Adjustable back support allows proper positioning and comfort for each user while safety stops and integrated user handles provide safety.

SP-5200 Leg Press

4 position contoured back pad allows for angular change of legs and hips to vary muscle isolation. Large footplate with custom molded wear resistant rubber surface for exercise variation.

DynaBells 5-Tier Single Rack

DynaBell rack was designed to accommodate a single her of dual set of DynaBell in any sizes 10lbs-50lbs in a sleek, space efficient, and easy to store system.

Hamstring Curl

This chart shows how to do the exercise in a prone lying position on a V bench, as well as illustrating the major muscle groups that work during the Hamstring Curl exercise.

Live Axis F701 Shoulder

With live-sliding pulleys that follow your movement, the Live Axis Shoulder works to engage your core and stabilizer muscles, offering improved overall strength.


Why accept exercise drudgery when
you can make it fun? The choice is
simple! Our rowers are designed by
professional rowers to a commercial
grade that lasts a lifetime, and they
are optimized for recreational rowing

Guidelines For Monitoring Heart Rate & Exercise

This chart provides guidelines for monitoring heart rate and exercise. It includes three sections: Section 1 tells you how to monitor your heart rate and shows on a graph the effects of lifestyle on average heart rate values. Section 2 provides a table which shows how the heart rate responds to different intensities of work. Section 3 gives the structure of exercise and training in relation to intensity, duration and frequency to achieve better fitness.

Elite OX RX2000

Durable and compact with wheels for easy movement, the OX RX2000 allows both standing and sitting rope-pulling positions.

Balanza Ballstep

The new Balanza for more stability and dynamics. With 4 balls below the wooden board it enables active people in every fitness level and age to step into sensori-motor function training

Stability 300

The Stability stabilometric system is an extremely accurate and sensitive load detecting platform featuring three load cells.

Inflatable Ball Exercise - Level One

This chart gives advice on how to engage the abdominal muscles correctly and establish good spinal alignment to achieve stability and optimal performance when learning to exercise on the inflatable ball.


The Apollo PRO Fluid Rower is our entry level model for the commercial market. The strength and integrity of a steel frame defines the heart of the machine, wrapped in the highest quality, hand lacquered American Ash to create a synthesis of two complimentary materials.Attention to detail abounds in both form and function; individually numbered machines are made with passion and commitment, designed and crafted to provide years of satisfaction in the toughest environments.

Treadmill 2

Series 2 comes complete with a 10.1” console providing sustainable self-powered wire free entertainment and motivational workout programs.

Club FTS

Customize for your Training needs. Different models to choose from. Ideal for Fitness centers, Studios, Schools, and Military. 10-12 users.

Medicine Ball

Latex-free weight balls. Slip-proof. For your training of stability, coordination and power more effectiveness is possible by using more tools together.

Hack Squat

This chart shows how to do the exercise as well as illustrating the major muscle groups that work during the Hack Squat exercise.Important instructional information is given on technique to ensure the exercise is done properly and safely from start to finish as well as controlling the '' return '' to the start position.

FS-20 Flat/Incline/Decline Bench

6 position adjustment from -10 to 80 degrees. Wheels for easy moving.

Sanus 500R Recumbent Bike

Equipped with an ergonomically designed seat and backrest which offer exceptional comfort and enhanced stability .