FCM3140 Chest Press

The FCM Chest Press movement exercise the upper body muscles. Both lever arms move independently. The seat is adjustable in height. The shaped back support both increase comfort and takes the load off the spinal column during the exercise.

Turning up the heat further

With the acquisition of Helo by Tylö, enjoying the best of steam and sauna experiences is now easier than ever. Pick from Tylö’s catalogue of sophisticated steam cum sauna cabin designs or let Helo’s expertise in customisation bring you the ultimate experience like no other! Be it a high humidity steam room for soft hydrated skin, or hot and dry sauna experience to sweat it all out, with TYLOHELO, it’s nothing but the best.

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This chart shows how to do the exercise as well as illustrating the major muscle groups that work during the Chinning exercise. Advice is given on warming-up and breathing during the exercise, as well as instructional information about how to do the exercise properly and safely.

Live Axis F709 Lat

The Live Axis Lat functionally trains the arms, shoulders, and back to work together in pulling and lifting movements.

E-RBe Recumbent Bike

From the leader in user-focused cardio equipment comes the Star Trac E-RBe Recumbent Bike. With user-friendly entertainment features, the E-RBe provides a personalized exercise experience and is perfect for any member regardless of age or ability.

Box Master Program

If you wish to know more or to become a master trainer, please contact us

3150 Lat Pull

The Lat pull movement exercise the back muscles. Both lever arms move independently. The seat is adjustable in height.

2XL-82 Wall Dispenser (White)

Convenient GymWipes wall mount dispenser for high-traffic facilities that demand greater capacity and exceptional value without sacrificing style. Easy to install and great for areas where workout space is at a premium.

Back Extension

This chart shows how to do the exercise on the Back Extension Machine as well as illustrating the major muscle groups that work during the exercise. Three positions are shown from start to finish and each position has important instructional information to make sure the user does the exercise properly and safely.

Shoulders, Upper Arm & Upper Back Muscle

This Weight training exercise Chart is beautifully illustrated in full colour & laminated. The Chart clearly identifies Shoulder, Upper Arm and Upper Back Muscles and shows various strength training exercises for these muscle groups with simple explanations on how to do the exercise.

F817 EPIC Seated Row

The FreeMotion EPIC Seated Row trains the back, shoulders and arms to work together to enhance strength for sport-specific movements like in kayaking and rock climbing.

Triceps Press

The X-Force Triceps Press provides independent arm movement with an adjustable back pad for the best triceps extensions.

F208 EPIC Single Tier Dumbbell Rack

Holds five sets of standard dumbbells. Molded dumbbell holders protect the finish and prevent dumbbells from rolling along the rack. For added safety, pieces can be bolted to the floor through predrilled holes.

Cup Bath Stove

These compact wall mounted heaters are easy to assemble and easy to use with built-in timer and thermostat or with separate control unit.

Impact Strength Low Back

Adjust the foot platform by pulling the red knob and by pushing or pulling the platform. Position your hips with the axis of rotation and place your feet on the platform. Your knees should be slightly bent throughout the movement. Do not lock or over-extend your knees.

Live Axis F708 Rotary

Perform multiple workouts at one station with the Live Axis Rotary. The pulley arm rotates 180 degrees to quickly switch up your workout and target different muscles.

Automatic Descale

The automatic descale should be installed on the incoming water pipe to the steam generator. Factory Adjusted for proper water flow.

XFT-500 Zone Functional Trainer

Designed for those facilities looking to maximize both training and storage opportunities in their Zone.

Shoulder Grinder

Grinders are a reflection of brawn and strength in sailing, commonly recognized as one of the most physically demanding activities. Passers-by are encouraged to 'give it a go' creating interaction with aesthetic appeal.

LEVERAGE Shoulder Press

Enjoy the best of both worlds. Our plate loaded line allows maximum strength and size gains while encouraging proper biomechanics. With unilateral arms and converging motion Leverage® Shoulder Press allows heavy lifting with comfort and efficiency.


Equipped with the most extreme elevation capabilities to push even the advanced to their limits, the ELG is one that makes only top athletes.

Jump Q

Jumping up and down now has a new twist with the Jump Q. Designed to provide an incredible lower body workout, it also increases a users’ reaction time. The heavy duty steel construction and cushioned rubberized non slip tread platforms make it tough enough for everyone.