DynaBells 5-Tier Single Rack

DynaBell rack was designed to accommodate a single her of dual set of DynaBell in any sizes 10lbs-50lbs in a sleek, space efficient, and easy to store system.

Sole Distributorship Appointment of GymWipes / CareWipes

With effect from 1 June 2013, Reflex-O Recreations and Active Lifestyle are appointed exclusive distributors by GymWipes in S E Asia and China.

Gym Wipes products are the original, specially formulated, industry compliant and approved to remove sweat and grime conveniently. Approved by major fitness equipment manufacturers, Gym Wipes effectively disinfect all fitness equipment – including touch-screen panels. It is EPA approved, alcohol-free, bleach-free and phenol-free; kills 99.9% of germs including Salmonella and E. coli to prevent cross-contamination on surfaces and improve personal hygiene. Gym Wipe products are widely used in major gym chains and hotels throughout USA and is now available in Asia.

For more information, please go to the following link:
http://reflex-o.com.sg/brands/2XL[ Read More... ]

Sanus 300U Upright Bike

A hybrid between an upright bike and recumbent bike, the 300U combines the best of both world an giving you a whole new aspect of cycling.

Leg Extension

Nautilus users get immediate, smooth resistance and proper muscle loading through the complete range of motion.

Fortis 700X Cross Trainer

Unlike traditional fixed motion Cross trainer/elliptical the Fortis 700X patented adjustable stride provides a full range of options & motion.

R7000i Commercial Recumbent Bike

The R7000i Recumbent Bike features a step-thru design, allowing you to get on and off the bike with ease. The R7000i also comes with iPad® integration and connectivity with our apps, allowing you to operate your bike and view more detailed and graphically enhanced readouts of your workout.

Cross Trainer 4CT

Efficient foot print and approachable, stable platform with minimal step-up height for easy access from all angles. Soft Trac pedals provide ultimate shock-absorbing comfort throughout the entire workout. Full color flat panel LCD display creates a premium user experience. Quick Key selects for level allow for one-touch changes on the fly.

Dip Station

Diverging dip bars for various grip width options. Wear guards on step up legs to protect finish. Rubber feet for floor protection

Platinum Pro Recumbent bike

This bike provides versatile movement and is notable for its low instep, enabling users to mount safely and in comfort. The bike’s ergonomic design means that it is adjustable, resulting in users being able to train comfortably at all times.

Ab Coaster CTL

Unlike traditional crunches working your abs top down, the Ab Coaster works your abs bottom up, limiting the stress on your neck, back and shoulders.

Chest Exercise

This chart shows how to do the exercise as well as illustrating the major muscle groups that work during the exercise. Advice is given about warming-up with a light weight before you start training, as well as breathing during the exercise.

F609 Quadricep

The FreeMotion Quad functionally trains leg muscles to work together using the front of the leg, hip and knee. Single leg movements allow for a variety of exercise motion and increase balance.

Anatomy of the Spine Bones & Major Ligaments

This Chart shows the major anatomical structures of the spine : including bones, ligaments, tendons and muscles. The spine is a complex series of interlinked bones supported by a combination of ligaments and muscles.

Seated Leg Press

The seated leg press is used to simulate a squat exercise without the same potential injury risk due to the back being supported.This exercise is considered a very efficient method to work all the major leg muscles including the hamstring,gluteals,quadriceps and calf muscles

Evolve Plus GC Sauna Cabin

Evolve Plus GC is the most exclusive design in the series, and really links the sauna experience together with the bathroom. The front and one corner are made of clear glass combined with the finest aspen panels, creating a uniquely spacious feeling and an exclusive aesthetic design.

XL2-100 Leg Extension

Self-adjusting ankle pad eliminates the need for an adjustment while providing proper support throughout the entire range of motion. One-way ratcheting, 8 position back pad angled at 35º, seat pad angled at 20º to facilitate complete range of motion.

Dual Pectoral Fly/Rear Deltoid

Simple, intuitive placard.Removable wear strap for extended upholstery life. Multi-position hand grips. Adjustable seat with “easy up” ratcheting adjustment. Dual exercise option range of motion control: Pectoral Fly and Rear Deltoid.

F800 EPIC Chest

The FreeMotion EPIC Chest strengthens and isolates the chest muscles for activities that involve pushing movements. The arms move in a converging axis pattern, providing natural movement and increased muscle concentration.

Cupreme Sauna

Designed to provide individual pockets of temperature preference, CUPREME’s aspen interior is perfect for enjoying the gentlest sauna climate possible with no bracing temperature changes.

Dyair Wedge Ballkissen

For a strong and healthy back and a stable core. The back is very effectively relieved and becomes incidentally trained. It can help to avoid pain in the intervertebral discs and strengthen the spinal muscles


Its name says it all. Bigger, faster and more accurate than other treadmills, the Pro brings absolute accurate speeds for testing and repeatability.

Biceps Curl

The X-Force Biceps Curl has a 35° angle seating position. The adjustable width, which is patent pending, provides the perfect elbow position.