XFT-600 Zone Functional Trainer

The perfect solution for those facilities with limited space.

F211 EPIC Smith Machine

With a maximum of 82.5'' of bar height, the Smith exceeds 51'' of squatting and pressing range of motion to accommodate users of various heights. Elimination of crossbar allows easy walk-in/workout access and facilitates placing a bench under the bar for multiple exercises.

Steam shower i110/c

In just 1.3 square metres of floor space Tylö has created a unique corner solution containing both a relaxing steam bath and a conventional shower. It’s a revolution in home spa design, compact enough to fit into any standard bathroom. Steam bathing is a pleasure enjoyed in gentle heat.

2XL-430 Megaroll Bio Hand Wipes

700 refill towelettes packaged in a disposable poly sealed bag. All refills are self-started to make feeding easy. Refills can be used to refill Gym Wipes wall mount dispensers or to refill GymWipe buckets (2XL-37) when empty.

Adjustable Back Extension

5 different positions for exercise variation ranging from 35 to 55 degrees. Telescoping pad adjustment to accommodate users of all sizes. Oversized thigh stabilization pads for enhanced user comfort. Stabilization grips for user safety

Platinum Pro Recumbent bike

This bike provides versatile movement and is notable for its low instep, enabling users to mount safely and in comfort. The bike’s ergonomic design means that it is adjustable, resulting in users being able to train comfortably at all times.

Inspiration Strength Abduction/Adduction

In the seated position with your back against the pad, choose abduction or adduction by selecting which side of the knee the pad is placed. Place the pad inside for adduction and outside for abduction. Select the starting position for the pivoting leg range of motion by grasping the red adjustment bar under the seat edge.

Lat Pull-High Row Machine

The Genesis DS Lat Pull-High Row engages the arms,shoulders,back and stabilizer muscles to improve overall core strength and balance.

XFT-500 Zone Functional Trainer

Designed for those facilities looking to maximize both training and storage opportunities in their Zone.


The Force is the perfect tool for acceleration training and energy system development. You can measure the athlete’s performance and when you can measure it you can improve it!

Deltoid Press

The X-Force Deltoid Press is an excellent, multi-joint machine that shapes and builds your deltoid muscles.

F806 EPIC Fly / Rear Delt

The FreeMotion EPIC Fly/Rear Delt provides dual function to increase strength muscles in the chest and back. Pivoting arms accommodate a wide variety of users and allow a natural movement pattern.

Sense SK

Sense SK provides you with quick and safe heat, just like the other heaters in the sense series. Combining sleek design with the reliable functionality and genuine quality of Tylö. Sense SK is designed to be installed with a separate electronic control panel.

Light unit

Ceramic with frosted bulb glass cover.

Reflex T 7.7

This treadmill was built to last and is backed by a Lifetime Frame, Motor and Deck Warranty. The incredibly powerful 4.25 CHP Commercial Pro Motor is dynamically spin-balanced and delivers superior performance.

Multi norm Sauna

MULTI NORM offers you an incredibly flexible set of sizing options in an attractive, pre-configured design palette based on genuine Nordic spruce.

Space Vision Sauna Cabin

The name says it all. Space Vision has been designed for those who enjoy saunas surrounded by light and a sensation of space. Among the most distinctive characteristics of this exclusive range of sauna rooms are the bold sweep of the rounded corner and the generous expanses of glass.

Evolve Plus GC Sauna Cabin

Evolve Plus GC is the most exclusive design in the series, and really links the sauna experience together with the bathroom. The front and one corner are made of clear glass combined with the finest aspen panels, creating a uniquely spacious feeling and an exclusive aesthetic design.

3150 Lat Pull

The Lat pull movement exercise the back muscles. Both lever arms move independently. The seat is adjustable in height.

FT-300 Functional Trainer

The FT-300 features the same high quality commercial construction and modern styling as the XFT-300 but without the Extreme Swing Arms.

PFW-7000 Flat Bench

Multi-use exercise bench with wheels and handle for easy moving and small base for unrestricted use.