Pec Fly

Nautilus users get immediate, smooth resistance and proper muscle loading through the complete range of motion.

Gravity Group

GRAVITY is Total Gym’s premier group fitness program that optimizes instructor resources and expertise with affordable, time efficient semi-private and small group training for members.

Decline Bench Press

Molded urethane bar holders for quite, safe olympic bar placement. Dual bar holders for both short and tall users. Adjustable leg stabilization for both short and tall users

Dyair Wedge Ballkissen

For a strong and healthy back and a stable core. The back is very effectively relieved and becomes incidentally trained. It can help to avoid pain in the intervertebral discs and strengthen the spinal muscles

Pinnacle APEX RX4400

Equipped with an independent magnetic resistance mechanism, the APEX is capable of continuously adjusting the resistance to provide a full body workout.

F802 EPIC Lat / High Row

The FreeMotion EPIC Lat/High Row strengthens and isolates the back muscles for activities that involve lifting movements. The L-shaped handles allow for multiple grips for both lat and row exercises.


Designed to build explosive power when used in a High-Intensity Interval Training program. These machines deliver an effective resistance training platform that captures the benefits of speed and agility training, lateral training and sled training.

Black Active Bike

Stationary aquatic bike that is recommended for high performance activities such as HIIT and Spinning.

FCM3120 Push Up / Pull Down

This dual function FCM unit enable you to train both the shoulders and the back muscles in the same unit. The seat is adjustable in height to accommodate for different size of persons.

Impact Strength Leg Extension

Adjust the back rest to align your knees with the red axis of rotation points. Adjust the front roller pad to a position just above the ankles by pulling the red side adjustment knob and lifting up the red handle to adjust the pad up or down.

Decline Press

Enjoy the best of both worlds. Our plate loaded line allows maximum strength and size gains while encouraging proper biomechanics. With our unique cam system and pre-stretch, Leverage® Decline Chest Press offers muscle activation with full range of motion.

Elastic Round Jump

Elastic Jump is an aqquatix trampoline that suitable for training, amusement and very effective in both anaerobic and balancing exercises.

PFW-7100 Supine Press Bench

9¨ bench width allows free shoulder movement during pressing motion. Available with optional plate holders.

XFW-6700 Flat/Incline/Decline Bench

Versatile bench adjusts into 11 positions ranging from 10° decline to 85° incline. Seat pad adjusts to 3 positions to accommodate multiple exercise positions. Lifting handle and rear wheels for portability.

PFW-6400 Vertical Knee Raise / Dip

Elbow pads and dip handles designed to provide stability and encourage proper body positioning during exercise.

Recumbent Bike

The recumbent cycle offers the same benefits of the stationary bike, however it provides the user an alternative seating and leg position. The alternative seating position is often preferred by those recovering from back or hip injury.

Gravity Personal Trainer

GRAVITY is Total Gym’s premier group fitness program that optimizes instructor resources and expertise with affordable, time efficient semi-private and small group training for members.

HSI70 Infrared Sauna

HSI 70 is specially adapted as a corner unit, making the most of the space you have.

FitLight Clip

These clips allow the secure attachments of the FITLIGHTS™ to the 1” frames or any other 1” framing.

They are snapped onto the frame and are easily removed or repositioned.

F612 Functional Lift

The FreeMotion Lift increases strength for activities such as lifting objects from the ground. Functionally trains the muscles of the legs and back to work together. Builds muscle to protect the spine targeting the lower back, arms and legs.

2XL-100 Antibacterial Bucket

Gym Wipes Antibacterial Towelettes are an easy and hygienic way to lower the risk of infection and cross contamination. Antibacterial Towelettes are proven to kill bacteria such as Salmonella choleraesuis