FCM3520 Adduction / Abduction

This dual function FCM unit provides a comfortable and easy way of exercising the Abduction and Adductor muscles of the legs. This unit is also very popular in rehabilitation setting.

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Combination Overhead Press and Lateral Pulldown

The press motion develops the large shoulder and chest muscles whistle the pull motion targets the large upper back muscles. The dual resistance movement creates a fantastic compound exercise that enables the exercise enthusiast of beginner to 'super set'.

Sanus 500R Recumbent Bike

Equipped with an ergonomically designed seat and backrest which offer exceptional comfort and enhanced stability .

FCM3110 Biceps / Triceps

The dual function FCM Biceps / Triceps unit provides a targeted training of the biceps and triceps muscle groups. Both lever arms move independently.

FCM3330 Twist

The FCM twist machine targets all the most important muscles of the trunk. This unit has also become very popular in Rehabilitation and corporate fitness settings.

C 11.6 Exercise Bike

Fitted with a 10" full-color touch screen with web browsing and a Step Thru™ Design that allows you to get on and off the bike at ease, experience the ultimate comfort and entertainment with the c 11.6 Exercise Bike.

Stretching Exercise For The Upper Limbs

This is one of three laminated charts designed for all ages and all levels of flexibility. The chart gives detailed explanation supported with clear, full colour illustrations on how to perform a variety of stretching exercises for the upper limbs.

Anatomy of the Ankle Joint & Foot

The Anatomy of the Ankle Joint and Foot chart shows the major anatomical structures of the joint; including bones, ligaments, tendons and muscles. The ankle joint is a synovial hinge joint and the foot is made up of a complex series of joints which allow a combination of movements including dorsi flexion, plantar flexion, inversion and eversion.

F206 EPIC 45-Degrees Back Extension

Design of the thigh pads helps to ensure proper positioning and comfortable support. Thigh pads adjust in height to fit a wide variety of users. Made of 16-gauge, stainless steel, kick plates protect equipment for long-life and durability

Abductor Exercise

The Abductor chart shows how to do the exercise as well as illustrating the major muscle groups that work during the exercise.Four positions are shown from start position to finish position and each has important instructional information to ensure the user is working the abductor muscles properly and exercising safely.

2XL-100 Antibacterial Bucket

Gym Wipes Antibacterial Towelettes are an easy and hygienic way to lower the risk of infection and cross contamination. Antibacterial Towelettes are proven to kill bacteria such as Salmonella choleraesuis

SKLE/Laava Bath Stove

Freestanding Helo SKLE Laava heaters have been the standard of the industry for more than 25 years. Designed for large, commercial-sized sauna rooms, use with separate control unit.

F817 EPIC Seated Row

The FreeMotion EPIC Seated Row trains the back, shoulders and arms to work together to enhance strength for sport-specific movements like in kayaking and rock climbing.

Gravity Personal Trainer

GRAVITY is Total Gym’s premier group fitness program that optimizes instructor resources and expertise with affordable, time efficient semi-private and small group training for members.


The Path is the ultimate treadmill to provide durability and member experience. Your clients will appreciate the smooth and comfortable running surface and you will appreciate the most durable treadmill on the market, saving you money in the long run.

3180 Curl Up

This unit for exercising the chest and shoulder muscles has a rotational movement pattern to mimic free weights exercises. The height of the seat is adjustable.

Fortis 700BE Upright Bike

Patented with the one-hand adjustable seat that enable user to quickly and easily set most comfortable position for their workout. Along with a 10 inch HD touch screen console, the Fortis 700UE is efficient high end upright bike.

Platinum Cross Sprinter Bike

Cycle, sprint and climb like a real cyclist. With this sprinter bike you can train for the greatest performance. Stay fit and train your endurance on this spinning bike.

Total Gym Press Trainer

A totally new way to do a shoulder press. The Press Trainer places users in an inverted position, unloading the lower back and reducing spinal compression.

Triceps Extensions

Adjust the seat height and place your arms on the pad. Bring the pad to your chest. To initiate motion push the handles away from your chest and return slowly.

Spinning Program

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