Olympic Flat Bench

Removable wear strap for extended upholstery life. Dual bar catches. Integrated plate storage with rubber end caps (6). Rubber feet for floor protection. Olympic bar sold separately

Active Lifestyle (China) Becomes KettleBell Concepts (KBC) Official Distributor

Kettlebell Concepts (KBC) announced today that Active Lifestyle has signed on as the exclusive distributor for all KBC educational offerings in China.

Read more at http://clubindustry.com/active-lifestyle-china-becomes-kettlebell-concepts-kbc-official-distributor-china[ Read More... ]

FS-51 Leg / Calf Press

Low profile design and ergonomically positioned handles for easy entry and exit. Contoured back pad provides low back support throughout the entire range of motion. Oversize, non-skid foot platform for exercise variation.

XL2-1800 Horizontal Leg Curl

Roller pad adjusts to five positions to accommodate a wide range of users. Chest and thigh pads angled at 15º for proper alignment during exercise movement. Heavy-duty pivot arm assembly with sealed bearings located for easy entry-exit of machine.

Cable Crossover

Bringing the Cable Cross Over up a class and into the next century with features such as the stabilization handles, and integrated pull up station and that patented Lock N Load system. Users will enjoy exceptional functionality and a productive efficient workout.

Steam Door 101

Tempered, tinted safety glass door specially adapted for wheelchair access with an extra wide opening and flat sill.

Bench Press

Molded urethane bar holders for quite, safe olympic bar placement. Dual bar holders for both short and tall users. Open frame design for effective and safe spotting

FW-300 Squat Press

Each Paramount plate loaded machine is engineered to function smoothly under the heavy use of today's busy fitness centers. Features include biomechanically precise movements including Paramount's exclusive Advanced Rotary Technology, low profile space efficient footprints, and optional plate storage.


Most machines work front-to-back. The Helix turns tradition on its side. With lateral (or side-to-side) movement, you use more muscles, which means you burn more fat than during a traditional workout– in the same amount of time.Plus Helix’s patented motion tones your butt, core and inner/outer thighs better than old-fashioned cardio machines.

EA9050 Adjustable Chair

Rollaway adjustable seat. Steplessly adjustable seat helps the user find the correct and safe exercise position.

FCM3130 Delta / Lat

With the dual function FCM Delta / Lat machine you can specifically isolate the shoulder muscles and also train the lats. The seat is adjustable in height.

XFW-5600 Roman Bench

Adjustable thigh pad assembly angled 45° for proper ergonomics.

HSI10 Infrared Sauna

Ideal for those having minimal space available and/or those using their sauna solo, the Model 100 has a footprint of only 9 sq. ft., fitting even into a walk-in closet.

Preacher Bicep Curl

This chart shows how to do the exercise as well as illustrating the major muscle groups that work during the Preacher Biceps Curl exercise. Four positions are shown from start to finish together with important instructional information to help ensure the exercise is done properly and safely.

Infra Cabin Prime+ 1611

Every Pure Infra cabin model includes a speakerless, touchscreen-operated sound system that provides crystal clear pleasure from your favorite MP3’s or the radio. Pure Infra cabins include trimodal lighting systems, with soft valance lighting, ceiling reading lights and colour light therapy.

Dual Inner/Outer Thigh

Simple, intuitive placard. Removable wear strap for extended upholstery life. Walk-through entry design. Modesty weight stack in front of user. Swiveling thigh pads and range of motion control allow for dual exercises: Abductor and Adductor. Rubber feet for floor protection.

HSI40 Infrared Sauna

With its extra depth and accommodating u-shape interior, HSI 40 offers an exclusively roomy opportunity to relax and unwind.

Inspiration Strength Leg Press

Sitting on the seat sled with your back against the pad, grasp the red seat adjust bar located at the seat base and position the seat sled to the desired pre stretch start position. Position your feet comfortably on the platform at shoulder width apart, grasp the handles at hip level.

2XL-101 Antibacterial Wipes Refill

2XL Corporation now provides EPA registered disinfectant wipes in a 700 count refill pack (extra-thick, super-absorbent 8" x 6" towelette size) designed to sanitize surfaces.

Triple Dumbbell Rack

Molded urethane cradles for quiet and safe dumbbell placement. Rubber feet for floor protection. 15 pair rack

Anatomy of the Hip Joint

This Chart shows the major anatomical structures of the hip joint; including bones, ligaments, tendons and muscles. An explanation is given about the hip joint as a ball and socket synovial joint and illustrations of joint movement are linked to Activities of Daily Living.

EA9130 Delta / Lat

With the dual function Delta / Lat machine you can specifically isolate the shoulder muscles and also train the lats. The height of the back support can be easily adjusted using an electric motor.