F221 EPIC Glute Ham Developer

Featuring a 195 lb. weight stack and a 5 lb. drop-down increment weight, the FreeMotion® EPIC Glute delivers incredible versatility.

The Vertical Crunch

The Vertical Crunch is a complete Core Training machine in a space saving design.
The linkage system allows beginners to easily sit and perform an effective crunch motion.

Training For Your Sport

This chart is full colour, laminated and provides a training procedure which will build the most effective fitness programme for your sport. It clearly identifies the three important stages that should be followed when preparing a training regime and also gives an analyses of the fitness requirements of Athletic events and some 36 different sports.

Impression Bench

The attractive white benches are the epitome of good form. You can also order an extra bench as an option. Every detail is beautifully designed.

High Pulley Exercise

This chart shows how to do each exercise as well as illustrating the major muscle groups that work during the High Pulley exercises: namely Single Arm Cross Over and Triceps Extension.

XL2-700 Shoulder Press

One-way ratcheting, 5 position seat and fixed position back pad both angled at 10º for proper support during exercise. Angled 3 position handgrip assembly for ergonomic fit and exercise variation.

Hip flexibility swing

The hip flexibility swing is a dynamic non-impact exercise ideal for improving joint and muscle flexibility. As a non-impact exercise it is an important complement to injury prevention and rehabilitation workouts.

Leg Curl

Nautilus One® equipment combines revolutionary weight stack technology and the most intuitive and user-friendly selection method ever created: a dial

F211 EPIC Smith Machine

With a maximum of 82.5'' of bar height, the Smith exceeds 51'' of squatting and pressing range of motion to accommodate users of various heights. Elimination of crossbar allows easy walk-in/workout access and facilitates placing a bench under the bar for multiple exercises.


This unique piece of equipment allows you to work your abs in either a seated or standing position, as well as several options to include your oblique’s.

Mid Row

Nautilus users get immediate, smooth resistance and proper muscle loading through the complete range of motion.

Preacher Bicep Curl

This chart shows how to do the exercise as well as illustrating the major muscle groups that work during the Preacher Biceps Curl exercise. Three positions are shown from start to finish together with important instructional information to help ensure the exercise is done properly and safely.

Adjustable Decline Bench

Seven different positions from 0-30 degrees allow for versatility and complete range of motion. From extra thick padding to a frame that can handle the heaviest lift you can hold this bench in a league of its own.

Steam outlet

The steam outlets are positioned throughout the cabin to provide effective distribution of steam. For all steam cabins, we can design and install an exterior design fitted with additional devices (e.g. essence pump). You can also choose an integrated cleaning system (as an option) for the outlets. The system can be upgraded at any time.

XL2-300 Leg Press

9 position seat assembly angled at 25º for proper support and hip extension during exercise. Oversized foot platform with molded non-skid surface angled at 10º for exercise variation and neutral ankle position.

Ambiente Sauna

Most massive log saunas are made of solid planks laid horizontally. AMBIENTE turns that idea on its head by positioning the solid planks vertically.

Power Cage

Adjustable bar catches. Adjustable safety bar supports. Walk through front design allows for use of multiple benches. Complete Olympic plate storage


The NOVA FTS is designed for all users. The NOVA has countless configurations to create a system based on optimal fitness, size, and a truly unique functional fitness training system. Functional fitness and bodyweight exercises develop a strong, balanced body that can perform under any circumstance


As true to our entire Evolution Series rower family, the E216 Fluid Rower delivers the closest thing to real, on-water rowing with a natural catch and resistance throughout the stroke! Our rowers engage most every muscle in the human body.

3180 Curl Up

This unit for exercising the chest and shoulder muscles has a rotational movement pattern to mimic free weights exercises. The height of the seat is adjustable.

F813 EPIC Calf Extension

The FreeMotion EPIC Calf Extension enhances strength for sport-specific movements like sprinting in soccer. Muscles targeted are in the lower legs.