HSI10 Infrared Sauna

Ideal for those having minimal space available and/or those using their sauna solo, the Model 100 has a footprint of only 9 sq. ft., fitting even into a walk-in closet.

The Official Training Bike of Le Tour De France

Ride like the pros as you get the outdoor experience on your Tour de France indoor training bike. The versatile indoor bike delivers more options for a greater benchmark performance than your traditional indoor training bike. With 24 digital gear controls it gives you the ability to personalize any workout.
Ride over the Passage du Gois or climb the hills of Mont des Alouettes in France, as now you can experience these same trails and more on this Indoor Cycle. With iFit® you can ride where the pros do with the world at your fingertips. The world is at your fingertips, start your adventures today.

For more information, please go to the following link:
http://reflex-o.com.sg/brands/Freemotion[ Read More... ]

Leg Press Incline Rehab

The Leg Press Incline Rehab unit is a very effective machine for training both legs and buttocks. This unit has electronically controlled back support and shoulder rollers for maximum comfort.

T 8.7 treadmill

T 8.7 treadmill is built to last and deliver optimum performance. It give users the comfort they deserve while running.

EA9050 Adjustable Chair

Rollaway adjustable seat. Steplessly adjustable seat helps the user find the correct and safe exercise position.

Leg Press

Nautilus users get immediate, smooth resistance and proper muscle loading through the complete range of motion.

BC - 418 MA

The addition of hand grips to Tanita's standard platform-based electrode system allows the BC-418 body composition analyzer to calculate regional body composition, empowering healthcare professionals to better determine health risks associated with abdominal fat.

Pulley Functional Trainer 3 in 1

The HUR Functional Trainer can be used for a wide variety of upper, middle and lower body exercises for three persons at the same time. The Functional trainer is suitable for wheelchair users too.


As true to our entire Evolution Series rower family, the E216 Fluid Rower delivers the closest thing to real, on-water rowing with a natural catch and resistance throughout the stroke! Our rowers engage most every muscle in the human body.

Fonda Bath Stove

The FONDA traditional series is a smart option for fans of Finnish sauna thanks to its large 20 kg rock compartment and powerful output.

XFW-4700-30 30 Pair Dumbbell Rack

Designed with attractive oval shaped tube frames, these racks are available to accommodate 6, 10, 12, 16, and 20 pairs of pro style dumbbells.

Shoulder Grinder

Grinders are a reflection of brawn and strength in sailing, commonly recognized as one of the most physically demanding activities. Passers-by are encouraged to 'give it a go' creating interaction with aesthetic appeal.Predominantly works the upper body and cardiovascular system,however has full body benefits.

FCM3180 Curl Up

This FCM unit for exercising the chest and shoulder muscles has a rotational movement pattern to mimic free weights exercises. The height of the seat is adjustable.

Lat Pulldown

Place the thigh pad above your thighs. To initiate motion pull the handles down to your shoulder height and return slowly.

Fortis 700BE Upright Bike

Patented with the one-hand adjustable seat that enable user to quickly and easily set most comfortable position for their workout. Along with a 10 inch HD touch screen console, the Fortis 700UE is efficient high end upright bike.

XFT-300 Extreme

Featuring vertical adjustment columns and multi-position Extreme Swing Arms, the Paramount XFT-300 Extreme Functional Trainer allows unrestricted movements in multiple planes.

Balance Block

Doing simple exercises while standing up can also work and train the muscles around the joints. Ideal as an additional resource for physiotherapy treatment on ankles, knees and hip joints.

PFW-8200 3 Way Press Bench

Quick and easy adjustment into 3 positions: supine, 30° incline, and 20° decline. Available with optional plate holders.

E-CT Cross Trainer

The Star Trac E-CT offers the same great physical benefits as our other Cross Trainers. Our pedal placement design offers a best in class Q factor for enhanced biomechanics and our SoftTrac® pedal ensures maximum comfort throughout the training session.

Sense Sport

Sense Sport is a brand new sauna heater, combining sleek design with the reliable functionality and genuine quality of Tylö. Sense’s quick and pleasant heat and precise temperature control will free all your senses. Control panel with thermostat and mechanical timer integrated into the base of the heater.

Legs, Trunk, Shoulder & Arm Muscles

This chart provides sound, accurate advice about training with free weights to develop strength in Legs, Trunk, Shoulder and Arm muscle groups. (Approved by the British Weight Lifters Association) it is in full colour and encapsulated in plastic film.

Steam shower i110/c

In just 1.3 square metres of floor space Tylö has created a unique corner solution containing both a relaxing steam bath and a conventional shower. It’s a revolution in home spa design, compact enough to fit into any standard bathroom. Steam bathing is a pleasure enjoyed in gentle heat.