Desmo HP

Run the extra mile for less with the Desmo HP. This ultimate treadmill is built to withstand wear and tear due to consistent usage over a long period.

Turning up the heat further

With the acquisition of Helo by Tylö, enjoying the best of steam and sauna experiences is now easier than ever. Pick from Tylö’s catalogue of sophisticated steam cum sauna cabin designs or let Helo’s expertise in customisation bring you the ultimate experience like no other! Be it a high humidity steam room for soft hydrated skin, or hot and dry sauna experience to sweat it all out, with TYLOHELO, it’s nothing but the best.

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SP-5300 Inner Thigh

Contoured back pad angled at 105º provides proper support and alignment during exercise. Conveniently located handle allows quick and easy range of motion adjustment through 8 positions while in the seated position.

Adjustable Back Extension

5 different positions for exercise variation ranging from 35 to 55 degrees. Telescoping pad adjustment to accommodate users of all sizes. Oversized thigh stabilization pads for enhanced user comfort. Stabilization grips for user safety

Sectional Anatomy And Function Of Circulatory System

This is a full colour laminated chart and illustrates how blood flows throughout the body to and from the heart. It shows the main arteries and veins of the head and neck as well as those supplying the shoulder and thigh and explains how the blood flows to and from these areas of the body.

F807 EPIC Shoulder

The FreeMotion EPIC Shoulder targets the shoulder and chest muscles. Unilateral arm movement allows the arms to move independently for single or dual upper body activities.

X5 Kids Bike

After years of testing, FMI created a new revolution in the indoor cycle market. Designed especially for the body sizes of children, teens, & Little People from 40″ to 63″. X5 will rapidly become a standard tool for family fitness and weight management.


This chart shows how to do these two levels of "sit up" exercises as well as illustrating the major muscle groups that work during the exercise. Stage 1 shows the sit-up exercise with the hands resting on top of the thighs and sliding up to touch the top of the knees. Stage 2 shows the sit-up being done with the arms folded and the hands on top of the shoulders.

F812 EPIC Weight Assisted Dip-Chin

The FreeMotion EPIC Assisted Dip-Chin functionally trains muscles in back, upper arms and chest. Builds postural strength and endurance.


There’s something special about a wood-fired sauna, and as we know how to appreciate sauna bathing in all its forms here at Tylö, we have a wide range of wood-fired sauna stoves for you to choose from as well. They all share the same high quality and unique heat-retaining construction that means you can linger a little longer in the sauna.

TR5000-DT7 Treadmill Desk (Electric Height Adjustable)

This is our high-use treadmill desk built for those looking to walk for long periods throughout the day or use in community settings. The desk allows you to easily and conveniently adjust the desktop height with its electric height adjustment feature and includes memory support for two user settings.

Platinum Run

This treadmill has been designed using all Tunturi's years of experience in the field. The treadmill's running track features excellent shock absorption, thus helping prevent aching joints.

Steam outlet

The steam outlets are positioned throughout the cabin to provide effective distribution of steam. For all steam cabins, we can design and install an exterior design fitted with additional devices (e.g. essence pump). You can also choose an integrated cleaning system (as an option) for the outlets. The system can be upgraded at any time.

Dumbbells Weights

This is a new Singapore brand. Do!t has a wide ranges of Free weights.

Weight Ranges: 2-20Kg (increment by every 2kg)

FS-54 Multi-Press

4 position seat and back pad assembly easily adjusts for Supine, 25 and 45 degree Incline, and Shoulder Press movements. 5 position arm allows users to choose the range of motion best suited to their individual needs.

FCM3140 Chest Press

The FCM Chest Press movement exercise the upper body muscles. Both lever arms move independently. The seat is adjustable in height. The shaped back support both increase comfort and takes the load off the spinal column during the exercise.

E-TC Treadclimber

Imagine the best features of a treadmill, elliptical and stepper combined into one machine. The TreadClimber® by Star Trac is just that, with the benefits of a treadmill, the low impact of an elliptical and the knee and hip flexion of a stepper targeting glutes and thighs. The TreadClimber by Star Trac is a new category for your cardio floor.

FCM3530 Leg Extension / Curl

This dual function FCM unit provides a safe and effective training for the hamstring and quadriceps muscle groups. The back support is adjustable in order to accommodate for people of different size.

Olympic Plate Tree

Plate storage with rubber end caps (12). Compact space saving design.Rubber feet for floor protection.


The BLADE hockey skating treadmill is ideal for all levels of skating. From beginners learning developing techniques to professionals honing stride efficiency.

EA9160 Pec Deck

With the Pec Deck unit you can exercise the chest and upper body muscles. The conveniently positioned handgrips assist during exercise.

F208 EPIC Single Tier Dumbbell Rack

Holds five sets of standard dumbbells. Molded dumbbell holders protect the finish and prevent dumbbells from rolling along the rack. For added safety, pieces can be bolted to the floor through predrilled holes.