XL2-1000 Pec Fly / Rear Delt

7 position arm adjustment provides full range of motion for both Pectoral Fly and Rear Deltoid movements. Dual-position handles with angled grips pivot to replicate fluid dumbbell fly movement.


The BLADE hockey skating treadmill is ideal for all levels of skating. From beginners learning developing techniques to professionals honing stride efficiency.

Nautilus Inspiration Shoulder Press

Adjust the seat height position by grasping the red adjustment bar located at the seat base to set the handles at your shoulder level. Select a comfortable hand position on one of the two handle grip positions.

Inflatable Ball Exercise - Level One

This chart gives advice on how to engage the abdominal muscles correctly and establish good spinal alignment to achieve stability and optimal performance when learning to exercise on the inflatable ball.

Pec Seated Press

The X-Force Pec Seated Press is not comparable to an ordinary bench press. You will undergo the negative force on this variable-resistance exercise in your chest and shoulder muscles.

Vertical Rowing

This chart shows how to do the exercise as well as illustrating the major muscle groups that work during the Vertical Rowing exercise. Each exercise position is supported with instructional information together with advice on breathing during the vertical rowing movement.

Infra Cabin Prime+ 1611

Every Pure Infra cabin model includes a speakerless, touchscreen-operated sound system that provides crystal clear pleasure from your favorite MP3’s or the radio. Pure Infra cabins include trimodal lighting systems, with soft valance lighting, ceiling reading lights and colour light therapy.

FW-1400 Rotary Lat Pulldown

Each Paramount plate loaded machine is engineered to function smoothly under the heavy use of today's busy fitness centers. Features include biomechanically precise movements including Paramount's exclusive Advanced Rotary Technology, low profile space efficient footprints, and optional plate storage.

F217 EPIC Plate Loaded Squat

Unique platform design enables users to maintain correct ankle alignment and is textured to ensure stable foot placement. Contoured shoulder pads swivel and slide to comfortably fit a wide variety of users.

Evolve Pro Sauna Cabin

Our sauna room Evolve PRO is actually a series of flexible systems for your spa, gym or swimming baths. Evolve PRO has been designed to enable you to offer your customers a perfect feeling of well-being.

Combination Overhead Press and Lateral Pulldown

The press motion develops the large shoulder and chest muscles whistle the pull motion targets the large upper back muscles. The dual resistance movement creates a fantastic compound exercise that enables the exercise enthusiast of beginner to 'super set'.

PFW-7100 Supine Press Bench

9¨ bench width allows free shoulder movement during pressing motion. Available with optional plate holders.

Impact Strength Abdominal Machine

Adjust the seat up or down to align the movement axis with your mid torso. To initiate motion, place your head on the upper pad, grasp handles, and flex forward simulating a crunching motion.

Steam Door 101

Tempered, tinted safety glass door specially adapted for wheelchair access with an extra wide opening and flat sill.

F301 Plate Loaded Row

The FreeMotion Plate Loaded Row targets muscles in the back, shoulders and arms to build core strength. The Plate Loaded Row features multi-angle handgrip positions and an adjustable padded seat to accommodate different user heights.

Nautilus Inspiration Pec Fly Rear Delts

Dual exercise options for Pectoral Fly and Rear Deltoids. Supinated and pronated grip options. Unilateral or Bilateral movement. Lock N Load® weight selection. Lock N Load® incremental add-on weight system. Moving image Lenticular instruction placard


With training it can improve the intensive effects in proprioception, sensorimotor functions, mobility and stability.


This entry model full commercial rowing machine far surpasses the specifications of leading competitor’s machines. Oval tubing and heavy duty seat rail make this adjustable ergometer an attractive and innovative workhorse on the gym floor.

Biceps Curl

The X-Force Biceps Curl has a 35° angle seating position. The adjustable width, which is patent pending, provides the perfect elbow position.

Casa Sauna

CASA is a top quality massive log sauna that combines handsome, well-crafted features with the luxurious relaxation of soft-climate sauna.

Single Dumbbell Rack

Molded urethane cradles for quiet and safe dumbbell placement. Rubber feet for floor protection. 5 pair rack