EA9050 Adjustable Chair

Rollaway adjustable seat. Steplessly adjustable seat helps the user find the correct and safe exercise position.

The Official Training Bike of Le Tour De France

Ride like the pros as you get the outdoor experience on your Tour de France indoor training bike. The versatile indoor bike delivers more options for a greater benchmark performance than your traditional indoor training bike. With 24 digital gear controls it gives you the ability to personalize any workout.
Ride over the Passage du Gois or climb the hills of Mont des Alouettes in France, as now you can experience these same trails and more on this Indoor Cycle. With iFit® you can ride where the pros do with the world at your fingertips. The world is at your fingertips, start your adventures today.

For more information, please go to the following link:
http://reflex-o.com.sg/brands/Freemotion[ Read More... ]

TR5000-DT5 Treadmill Desk (Manual Height Adjustment)

The TR5000-DT5 is our high-use treadmill desk built to let you walk for long periods throughout the day or use in community settings. The treadmill desktop height adjusts manually and should be used in settings where height adjustments are infrequent.

Strength & Power Training Chart

The Strength and Power Training laminated chart includes fundamental muscle physiology, how the body reacts to training and the methods of training to develop strength and power. Designed in conjunction with Rex Hazeldine, Sport and Exercise Scientist from Loughborough University.

FCM3315 Abdomen

This FCM unit enables you to isolate the abdominal muscle in a comfortable and effective way. The curved back support allows you to pre-stretch the muscles for a complete and full-length exercise.

S-TRx Treadmill

S is for simple, solution or smart, but one thing S will never stand for is sacrifice. Designed specifically for those looking for solid, commercial quality operation at an exceptional value.

Steam VA

A powerful, fully automatic steam generator with a large water tank, which makes it ideal in public facilities. Requires connection to electricity and water supplies. Convertible 1-phase/3-phase.

Service section Complete

Made of vacuum-formed, special-grade white plastic. With shelf compartments, jet nozzles for water massage, thermostatically controlled mixer tap, shower head and riser rail. Can be used to replace a wall/seat section.

LEVERAGE Chest Press

Enjoy the best of both worlds. Our plate loaded line allows maximum strength and size gains while encouraging proper biomechanics. With our unique cam system and pre-stretch, Leverage® Chest Press offers muscle activation with full range of motion.

Bench Press

Molded urethane bar holders for quiet, safe Olympic bar placement. Dual bar holders for both short and tall users. Open frame design for effective and safe spotting. Optional Olympic plate storage add on, features six pegs per side to accommodate all weight plate configurations (Model 440-04071 sold separately).

Elite OX RX2000

Durable and compact with wheels for easy movement, the OX RX2000 allows both standing and sitting rope-pulling positions.

R10.4 Recumbent Bike

R10.4 offers a great program to follow and also a sleek metallic design that comes with a LED matrix display.

PFW-7000 Flat Bench

Multi-use exercise bench with wheels and handle for easy moving and small base for unrestricted use.


The Path is the ultimate treadmill to provide durability and member experience. Your clients will appreciate the smooth and comfortable running surface and you will appreciate the most durable treadmill on the market, saving you money in the long run.

Ab Coaster CTL

Unlike traditional crunches working your abs top down, the Ab Coaster works your abs bottom up, limiting the stress on your neck, back and shoulders.

Steam outlet

The steam outlets are positioned throughout the cabin to provide effective distribution of steam. For all steam cabins, we can design and install an exterior design fitted with additional devices (e.g. essence pump). You can also choose an integrated cleaning system (as an option) for the outlets. The system can be upgraded at any time.

CC10/Recessed CC10

Designed for wallmounted installation outside the room. Simple to operate. Light diodes display time and temperature settings on a numbered scale. Max 3-10 hours running time. 0–10 hour preset. lowvoltage connection gives more flexibility when locating the control panel at a distance from the heater.

Total Gym Core Trainer

Total Gym Core Trainer strengthens the abdominals while engaging the entire core musculature. Offering unparalleled versatility for an abdominal machine, it allows for two primary movements – the Dynamic Plank and the SCRUNCH.

Sectional Anatomy And Function Of Circulatory System

This is a full colour laminated chart and illustrates how blood flows throughout the body to and from the heart. It shows the main arteries and veins of the head and neck as well as those supplying the shoulder and thigh and explains how the blood flows to and from these areas of the body.

Bike 6.1

The exercise bikes are ideal for recuperation following joint or knee injuries. Furthermore, athletes use these bikes for a warming up.

Stretch For Better Golf

The warm-up routine is available for purchase as a folding booklet that is ideal for the golfer to keep in their golf bag to remind them of the exercises they should do before they go out to play or practice. The exercises in the booklet are the same as those illustrated on the wall chart.

Panorama Sauna

The discreet soffit light bar illuminates down onto large, tinted panes of glass and horizontal tiger ash. The interior is clad in vertical aspen panels. The three or four levels of elegantly overlapping benches are also made of aspen.