XL2-1300 Lower Back

Four position adjustable roller pad for proper alignment and comfort during exercise. Lumbar pad angled at 55 degrees allows proper range of motion and provides back support. Dual position foot rests provide torso stabilization for wide range of users.


The Laddermill ascender is a revolutionary new fitness concept. We've married the simplicity of ladder climbing with the advanced features you find on our Treadwalls. You can adjust the angle from an easy inclined angle to an intense overhanging power workout. Climb on!

Both experienced climbers and new users alike will instantly benefit from the core strength and balance gained from Laddermill training. Cross training and total body training are becoming increasingly popular due to their efficiency and speed. The Laddermill fits perfectly into these types of workouts allowing long cardio burns at the easier angles and quick muscle building workouts on the steep. The built in auto-stop feature allows you to climb safely at any speed without any safety equipment or harnesses

The Laddermill frame is very compact and since it's completely freestanding it can go anywhere in your gym. Or get the external upgrade or portable packages to move your wall outside and anywhere else you can imagine.

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E-TCi Treadclimber

Imagine the best features of a treadmill, elliptical and stepper combined into one machine. The TreadClimber® by Star Trac is just that, with the benefits of a treadmill, the low impact of an elliptical and the knee and hip flexion of a stepper targeting glutes and thighs. The TreadClimber by Star Trac is a new category for your cardio floor.

Hip flexibility swing

The hip flexibility swing is a dynamic non-impact exercise ideal for improving joint and muscle flexibility. As a non-impact exercise it is an important complement to injury prevention and rehabilitation workouts.

Box Master Program

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Round Vision Sauna Cabin

The uniquely innovative shape of Round Vision has set a totally new standard for what a sauna room can look like. With its large expanses of glass, beautifully rounded front and alderwood frame, this sauna is an aesthetic exclamation mark in any contemporary bathroom.

3 Kick

3 Kick is a heavy duty commercial grade machine that will be loved by youth, kick boxers, instructors, trainers and those that just want to have fun competing with friends while getting a great workout! Scoring is based on speed and more points are allocated the faster you move. Track your daily score and watch your reaction time improve!

Sense SK

Sense SK provides you with quick and safe heat, just like the other heaters in the sense series. Combining sleek design with the reliable functionality and genuine quality of Tylö. Sense SK is designed to be installed with a separate electronic control panel.

Ambiente Sauna

Most massive log saunas are made of solid planks laid horizontally. AMBIENTE turns that idea on its head by positioning the solid planks vertically.

F802 EPIC Lat / High Row

The FreeMotion EPIC Lat/High Row strengthens and isolates the back muscles for activities that involve lifting movements. The L-shaped handles allow for multiple grips for both lat and row exercises.

iBalance Smart Card

Smart Card technology acts as a "Virtual Trainer". Comes with a easy to use interface with HUR Smart Card Strength Equipment. Designed for senior housing or physical therapy centres with HUR SmartCard machines.

Finesse Sauna

FINESSE is a high concept series of sauna cabins emphasizing quality design and precision craftwork. The spruce used is tough —making it ideal for withstanding high temperatures.

Deltoid Press

The X-Force Deltoid Press is an excellent, multi-joint machine that shapes and builds your deltoid muscles.

Total Gym Leg Trainer

The Total Gym Leg Trainer engages all the muscles of the leg simultaneously for an efficient and effective lower body workout. Exceptionally versatile, it facilitates a forward, backward and side lunge. A rolling glide-board adds instability for maximum muscle recruitment

F603 Tricep

The FreeMotion Tricep functionally trains the arms and shoulders to work together in gripping, pushing and lifting movements. Muscles targeted are the forearms, triceps and shoulders.

3110 Biceps / Triceps

The dual function Biceps / Triceps unit provides a targeted training of the biceps and triceps muscle groups. Both lever arms move independently.

Balance Trainer BT4

The BT4 is a portable platform designed for advanced testing. It allows a wide selection of stances due to its optimal size and it makes step training possible as well. The BT4 also features more versatile reporting options.

Max Rack

The ultimate fitness playground in a convenient floor footprint. From traditional squat and press lifts to dynamic and functional movements, the Max Rack® meets every users needs with the variety of the Power Cage and safety of a Smith Machine.

Elliptical Cross Trainer

The elliptical cross trainer is used to simulate stair climbing, walking or running without causing excessive pressure to the joints.

Seated overhead press

The overhead press is a highly effective compound upper-body exercise.the exercise target several of the major upper body muscles. Resistance adjustment changes the intensity of the exercise


Combining 40 years of WOODWAY design and innovation, 4Front’s rubber slats absorbs foot strike, making running on it nearly silent.

RapidFit Program

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