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Cardio - Rowers

Give yourself a real rowing experience with the closest rowing emulation– it’s like rowing on water.

Air-Mag Rower

Air-Mag Rower works on air & magnetic resistance system, offers user-controlled intensity in efficient & rhythmic motions.

Ergonomic handle allows for natural arm and hand position to target different muscles,
add comfort and enhance your workout as well.

Total Gym Row Trainer

An ingeniously unique rower that emulates a rowing movement pattern using adjustable bodyweight resistance, the Total Gym Row Trainer produces a full body workout, integrating a strength component into a traditional cardio machine.

HIIT Rower 9BM-9404

Stairmaster HIIT Console. Isokinetic fan resistence offers unlimited workout options. Fan dampening system allows for increased or decrease workloads at a given stroke rate. Easy storage while not in use by disconnecting at center point. Construction Aluminium & Steel.