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Evolve Plus GC Sauna Cabin

Evolve Plus GC is the most exclusive design in the series, and really links the sauna experience together with the bathroom. The front and one corner are made of clear glass combined with the finest aspen panels, creating a uniquely spacious feeling and an exclusive aesthetic design.

Evolve Plus GF Sauna Cabin

Evolve Plus GF gives a much more exclusive feel, with a larger glass section that lets in light and gives you a clear view into the bathroom. Evolve Plus opens up the sauna and wipes out the boundaries between bathroom and sauna. The sauna becomes a pleasant, sociable room within your bathroom.

Evolve Pro Sauna Cabin

Our sauna room Evolve PRO is actually a series of flexible systems for your spa, gym or swimming baths. Evolve PRO has been designed to enable you to offer your customers a perfect feeling of well-being.

Evolve Sauna Cabin

Evolve is Tylö’s traditional sauna room collection. Delivered in prefabricated modules, it’s the easiest, quickest way to realise your sauna dream. Evolve is for people who prefer the best of traditional sauna bathing.