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HumanSport Arm Crunch

This unique piece of equipment allows you to work your abs in either a seated or standing position, as well as several options to include your oblique’s.

HumanSport Freedom Trainer

HumanSport is so simple, intuitive, and natural that it feels as if it were custom-built for each and every user. Seven cable-based machines with dual weight stacks provide a complete range of workouts for total body training. When paired with the provided programming designed by our Master Trainers, HumanSport makes a powerful addition to any facility.

HumanSport Lat Pulley

Pull or Row your way to a strong back. Working your back never felt so efficient and productive! The Lat Pulley provides enough stability to challenge with heavy loads.

HumanSport Pull Lift

The design of this piece provides the perfect structure for compound movements- the heart of functional training. Even teaching basic movements such as: squats, dead lifts and lunges becomes easier and safer with the Pull Lift as the pulleys aide in balance

HumanSport Shoulder Chest

Beginners to advanced exercises will be thrilled with the ability to work the shoulder and chest in all modalities without any adjustments and the ability to determine their own range and path of motion.

HumanSport Total Delts

The Total Delts machine will attract those wanting more size and definition in their shoulders as well as those who need to strengthen and heal imbalances.

HumanSport Total Legs

Walk strong and tall with the HumanSport Total Legs machine. No other machine addresses the strength and movement patterns of our lower half better than this piece. Weaknesses will be revealed as the user must perform exercises in a fully functional position.