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Stairway GTL

The Stairway is a stair climbing cardio machine designed specifically for the commercial environment. The unique design offers a rotating staircase where the speed of the stairs is controlled by the tension of the waist belt (which is identical to Jacobs Ladder).

Jacobs Ladder 2

Designed for the home and small environment, the Jacobs Ladder 2 brings the goodness of the original Jacobs Ladder to a wider audience at a lower price.

Jacobs Ladder X

The Jacobs Ladder X ladder-climbing exercise machine is designed specifically for training fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and professionals.It also features a redesigned display and dashboard, providing more feedback and information on workout intensity levels based on speed

Jacobs Ladder

The Jacobs Ladder utilizes low impact, high range of motion exercise to provide a superior cardio workout to both the upper and lower body.