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Live Axis F700 Chest

The Live Axis Chest targets muscles in the shoulders, arms and chest by following your movement. It offers progressive resistance and optimum muscle activation throughout your entire exercise.

Live Axis F701 Shoulder

With live-sliding pulleys that follow your movement, the Live Axis Shoulder works to engage your core and stabilizer muscles, offering improved overall strength.

Live Axis F702 Low Pull

The Live Axis Low Pull increases strength for lifting activities. Independent arm movements allow for specific exercises that target muscles in the back, shoulders and arms.

Live Axis F703 Dead Lift

The Live Axis Dead Lift utilizes functionally trains the muscles of the legs and back to work together and builds muscle to protect the spine.

Live Axis F704 High Pull

Build core strength without the exposure to injury. The Live Axis High Pull engages your stabilizer muscles helping you improve core strength and overall balance.

Live Axis F705 Squat

The Live Axis Squat targets muscles in the lower body and core. Functionally trains the muscles of the legs and trunk to work together and builds stabilizer muscle strength to protect hip, knee and ankle joints.

Live Axis F706 Quad

The Live Axis Quad functionally trains leg muscles to work together using the front of the leg, hip and knee. It also engages your stabilizer muscles to improve core strength and balance.

Live Axis F707 Hamstring

The Live Axis Hamstring builds stabilizer muscle strength to protect joints. With progressive resistance, your muscles remain engaged throughout your movement.

Live Axis F708 Rotary

Perform multiple workouts at one station with the Live Axis Rotary. The pulley arm rotates 180 degrees to quickly switch up your workout and target different muscles.

Live Axis F709 Lat

The Live Axis Lat functionally trains the arms, shoulders, and back to work together in pulling and lifting movements.