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Abdominal Crunch

The X-Force Abdominal Crunch has a pre-set handle position and stable elbow pads to prevent excess arm pull, and well-designed leg pads to prevent eliopsoas muscle use during workout.

Biceps Curl

The X-Force Biceps Curl has a 35° angle seating position. The adjustable width, which is patent pending, provides the perfect elbow position.

Deltoid Lift

The X-Force Deltoid Lift has a variable-resistance cam function with self-adjusting handles that makes a huge difference in the performance of this all-important movement.

Deltoid Press

The X-Force Deltoid Press is an excellent, multi-joint machine that shapes and builds your deltoid muscles.

Horizontal Leg Curl

The X-Force Horizontal Leg Curl allows the hamstrings to add shape, strength, and power to the back thighs. It has a full cam function for the best strength curve.

Lat Back Circular

The X-Force Lat Back Circular allows a 270° rotation movement which works on your largest and strongest upper-body muscles, the latissimus dorsi.

Lat Back Pull

The X-Force Lat Back Pull allows a multi-joint, downward movement for working the lats and the biceps.

Lat Back Row

The X-Force Lat Back Row is another multi-joint exercise machine for working the lats and the biceps, horizontally.

Leg Press

The X-Force Leg Press offers the sheer joy of heavy leg training. The effect of training on this machine can be felt in the buttocks, hamstrings, quadriceps, and gastrocnemius.

Leg Quadriceps

The X-Force Leg Quadriceps is a basic, single-joint exercise for your front thigh muscles. It helps strengthen and stabilize your knees like nothing you’ve ever experienced.

Pec Angle Press

The X-Force Pec Angle Press provides a 40° angle back support with a two-way handle grip position, which adds variety to your cycles and routines.

Pec Arm Cross

The X-Force Pec Arm Cross allows the complete contraction of pectoralis major muscles, and guides your upper arms downward and across your torso.

Pec Seated Press

The X-Force Pec Seated Press is not comparable to an ordinary bench press. You will undergo the negative force on this variable-resistance exercise in your chest and shoulder muscles.

Triceps Press

The X-Force Triceps Press provides independent arm movement with an adjustable back pad for the best triceps extensions.