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Combining 40 years of WOODWAY design and innovation, 4Front’s rubber slats absorbs foot strike, making running on it nearly silent.


The BLADE hockey skating treadmill is ideal for all levels of skating. From beginners learning developing techniques to professionals honing stride efficiency.


A manual treadmill that saves you of any electrical costs, the Curve runs entirely on the athlete’s power and determination.

Curve XL

Bring the manual driven Curve up in size with the Curve XL! Featuring a wider and longer running surface, this challenges even the largest of all athletes.


Equipped with the most extreme elevation capabilities to push even the advanced to their limits, the ELG is one that makes only top athletes.


The Force is the perfect tool for acceleration training and energy system development. You can measure the athlete’s performance and when you can measure it you can improve it!


Its name says it all. Bigger, faster and more accurate than other treadmills, the Pro brings absolute accurate speeds for testing and repeatability.

Pro XL

Even bigger, faster and more accurate than the Pro, the Pro XL is the ultimate sports performance training tool with everything found in the Pro and more.


The Path is the ultimate treadmill to provide durability and member experience. Your clients will appreciate the smooth and comfortable running surface and you will appreciate the most durable treadmill on the market, saving you money in the long run.