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Individuals DynaBell Dumbbells Sets

The DynaBell provides functional and traditional strength training in one dynamic and powerful fitness tool.From a biomechanical and physiological perspective, the added fluidity of movement with the DynaBell certainly promotes the added muscle coordination.

DynaBells 5-Tier Single Rack

DynaBell rack was designed to accommodate a single her of dual set of DynaBell in any sizes 10lbs-50lbs in a sleek, space efficient, and easy to store system.

DynaBell Double Rack

DynaBell rack was designed to accommodate a single of her dual set of DynaBell in any sizes 1 in a sleek, space efficient, and easy to store system.



The NOVA FTS is designed for all users. The NOVA has countless configurations to create a system based on optimal fitness, size, and a truly unique functional fitness training system. Functional fitness and bodyweight exercises develop a strong, balanced body that can perform under any circumstance

The Quads

The Quad FTS model has four center section for the ultimate Functional Training Station allowing 20+ users with unique exercise options. Designed for those facilities that have additional space dedicated for bodyweight and functional strength training.

Club FTS

Customize for your Training needs. Different models to choose from. Ideal for Fitness centers, Studios, Schools, and Military. 10-12 users.

Studio FTS

Debuting the MoveStrong Studio Model Functional Training Station (FTS) at the IDEA World Fitness Conference 2011. This all-in-one station is great for individual or small group workouts using bodyweight exercises with the latest functional strength workouts



The MoveStrong T-Rex Fitness Station™ is specifically designed to weather tough outdoor conditions and allow for year around functional fitness and bodyweight exercising for adults. Ideal for bootcamps, group training classes, schools, parks, military, or just a cool backyard adult fitness jungle gym!

Wall FTS

Wall FTS

The MoveStrong Wall Mounted FTS Model is a great way to provide a space efficient area to perform bodyweight and functional strength exercises.