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Rehab Line

Abdomen/Back Rehab

The Abdomen/Back Rehab unit is equipped with strength test possibility, adjustable lever arms and a lock to restrict range of motion for people with reduced spinal flexibility.

Adduction/Abduction Rehab

This dual function adduction and abduction unit is equipped with range limiters and strength test possibility.

Leg Extension/Curl Rehab

The Leg Extension/Curl Rehab provides for a safe and effective rehabilitation of the extensor and flexor muscle of the knee joint.

Leg Press Incline Rehab

The Leg Press Incline Rehab unit is a very effective machine for training both legs and buttocks. This unit has electronically controlled back support and shoulder rollers for maximum comfort.

Leg Press Rehab

The Leg Press Rehab has been equipped with a "lock" function that enables you to exercise only the final part of the movement.

Push Up/Pull Down Rehab

The Push/Up Pull Down Rehab unit is equipped with dual function back and shoulder unit that allows users to work opposing muscle groups without changing machines.

Twist Rehab

The Twist Rehab model targets the rotational muscles of the trunk. The legs rotate and the trunk stays fix. The range limiters allow you to cut out dangerous areas of movement.