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Aqua Gym


The AquaAbs provides a stable platform for controlled knee lifts, straight leg lifts, scissor movements and stomach exercises that are essential for complete body conditioning.


The AquaClimber allows the user to work the upper and lower body in equal amounts or subject target areas to a higher workload by simply choosing a different hand grip position.


AquaCycling in the recumbent (reclined) position works the legs and trunk specifically, but also works as a complete cardiovascular workout.


This machine can be used as a Pulldown Machine, a set of assisted Dip Bars or a Shoulder Press Machine to work on various muscle groups of the body.


The AquaRower works all the major muscle groups of the body providing a whole body aerobic workout.


On the AquaStepper, the support of the water assists the user in maintaining a constant exercise load whilst working all of the leg muscles.


The AquaStrider station provides the user with a full range of motion in the vertical plane working the legs and buttocks.


The AquaTwister enables the user to concentrate on the major muscles of the torso, including the abdominals and the obliques.