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When it comes to workouts, there isn't any 'one size fits all' solution out there. Fitness simply isn't a single entity, but instead a construct of multiple variables that each contributes in its own way.

Thankfully, with the help of technology, we can now implement targeted study of our body so as to better tailor workout regimes in order to achieve maximum fitness results. Read on and learn how some of our products can help you get your ball rolling on the road to evaluative fitness!
FITLIGHT Trainer is a reaction training system where lights are used as targets for user to deactivate either physically or via  a proximity sensor. For added dynamics, one may also pair FITLIGHT training with fitness accessories such as medicine balls. Targeted study can be done through FITLIGHT with various data points simultaneously capturing immediate feedback wirelessly for access via a central tablet controller. (watch video)
Compute and print out full body composition values in under 10 seconds! From body fat, to bone, water and muscle mass, Tanita DC 360 lets you understand the insides of your body and target granularly what needs to be worked on for your health! Being light-weight, it is also highly portable for use at any location.
Tecnobody Walker View comes with an embedded PC platform, alongside 3D motion capture cameras and load sensors, to accurately measure and feedback all body movements on the user without the use of dresses device. Utilizing the captured data, a gait analysis can then be churned out by the system for use in medical, rehabilitation or therapy. (watch video)
Woodway Force relies on users being the 'force' to drive it. Its adjustable magnetic resistance brake allows users of all fitness levels to easily train for speed and explosive power. With logged data of users chosen magnetic resistance setting and speed of driving the treadmill, Woodway Force is capable of calculating the user's power output and thereby provide a detailed performance analysis. Accompanied with the Force software, Woodway Force evolves into a evaluative fitness machine by adding the ability to track data such as step length, rate and symmetry for gait analysis/research of an athlete's performance. (watch video)
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